ADAPT-SOG slab-on-grade

Screen Shots

ADAPT-SOG (Slab-On-Grade "SOG") is a complete three-dimensional (3D) Finite Element (FEM) Analysis and Design tool for the analysis and design of post-tensioned foundations slabs, with or without ribs, on either expansive or compressible soils. Unique Component Technology and Adaptive Automatic Meshing capabilities make ADAPT-SOG the ideal choice for all post-tensioned slab-on-grade designs, simple and complex.

Image 1. Structural Model Used for Analysis and Design
Modeling even the most complex structures is simple with ADAPT-SOG's Component Technology. All structural components, including the slab, openings, beams, steps, and tendons are modeled as they appear in the imported CAD file.

Image 2. Perspective View of 3D Slab Model with Tendons
With simple mouse clicks, users place tendons of any profile exactly where they will be installed. Verifying and fine-tuning the structural model is made easy through ADAPT-SOG's many 3D viewing options.

Image 3. Finite Element Mesh
Foundation slabs are quickly meshed using ADAPT-SOG's Adaptive Automatic Meshing or powerful manual meshing options.

Image 4. Graphical Display of Calculated Deflections
ADAPT-SOG displays analysis results in both 2D and 3D views. Fully interactive results offer engineers "fingertip" access to the data they need. Analysis results are organized and easily accessed through a folder structure.

Image 5. Fully Integrated Design Capabilities
Support lines and their associated tributaries are defined to facilitate the checking of allowable code stress limits and the design of additional reinforcement.

Image 6. Design Parameters
Once support lines (design strips) are defined, ADAPT-SOG automatically integrates demand moments and other forces along each strip. These design parameters are easily accessed through comprehensive tabular reports or graphically on the structural model.

Image 7. Automatically Generated Tendon Layout Plans
ADAPT-SOG uses the tendon design data provided by the user to automatically prepare tendon layout plans for export to CAD packages. Tendon layout plans can be configured to include tendon control points, control heights, tendon length, effective force, calculated elongation, and much more.

Image 8. Tendon Profile and Concrete Section Diagrams
ADAPT-SOG can generate the tendon profile and/or concrete section diagrams at any point in the foundation slab. Any generated section can be exported into AutoCAD for inclusion in the overall structural drawings.