Screen Shots

ADAPT-PT is the Industry Standard production tool for the design of post-tensioned slabs, beams and floor systems. Since 1982 engineers in over 70 countries rely on its proven track record of delivering accurate, up-to-date and easy-to-obtain solutions for their daily production work. The software is recognized for its easy-to-use design approach, comprehensive documentation, and ability to quickly generate detailed and professional reports.

Image 1. Definition of Applied Loading
The definition of applied loading is as easy as selecting the appropriate load distribution model using the drag-and-drop interface and entering its value.

Image 2. ADAPT-PT Supports Multiple Tendon Profiles
ADAPT-PT's powerful design wizard walks the user through each step of the design process, ensuring consistent results while minimizing errors and omissions. This screen shows a user selecting tendon profiles for each span.

Image 3. 3D Wireframe of Modeled Design Strip
ADAPT-PT displays the model generated by you in multiple 3D views, showing all its features, such as drop cap/panel, and steps in the slab - enabling you to examine and verify the structural model before execution.

Image 4. 3D Solid Model of Design Strip
A shaded 3D solid model complements the wireframe mode.

Image 5. Concise Reporting and PT Optimization
ADAPT-PT's interactive Optimization feature provides a fast and easy method for you to fine-tune and optimize your post-tensioned design. This mode displays the program suggested tendon profile, calculated and allowable stresses, and the required and provided post-tensioning all in one screen. This unique feature enables you to optimize your design and verify its code compliance, before you conclude the execution - a capability not available in Finite Element programs.