ADAPT - ABI Screen Shots

ADAPT-ABI is the versatile, easy-to-use and proven tool for the analysis and design of segmentally constructed bridges and frames. Thousands of notable bridges worldwide have been designed using ABI. Consultants concerned about geometry control during and after construction choose ADAPT-ABI for its advanced segmental construction options including the ability to accurately model construction sequencing and time-dependent effects of creep, shrinkage, aging of concrete and relaxation in prestressing. Its flexible moving load generator simplifies the process of defining applied load conditions.

Image 1. Typical Spliced Girder Bridge Designed Using ABI
With ADAPT-ABI you can easily model spliced girders in precast prestressed bridges with or without integral abutments from the moment the girder is in the casting yard until its completion.

Image 2. Model of Segmentally Constructed Spliced Girder
With ADAPT-ABI you can quickly and accurately model your bridge model. In this segmentally constructed spliced girder, the pre-tensioning tendons terminate at the face of the splice. The post-tensioning tendons added subsequent to the casting of the splice provide the continuity and added strength. Stresses at any location are readily checked with the click of a mouse.

Image 3. Model of Concrete Arch Bridge Under Construction
In this arch bridge project, an ADAPT-ABI model of the temporary towers, stays and form travelers is used to keep stresses within allowable limits at every stage of the construction sequence.

Image 4. Model of Non-Symmetrical Cable Stayed Bridge
This non-symmetrical cable stayed bridge is made up of a composite deck. ADAPT-ABI simulates the construction phase for control of the deck geometry and forces in the stays. The diagram shows the isolated compression in the girders.

Image 5. Model of Balanced Cantilever Bridge
This ADAPT-ABI model simulates the construction phasing of a balanced cantilever bridge. The model incorporates all relevant details of the bridge, including prestressing, construction equipment and loads. The user can easily check actions in the bridge, such as the moments shown, at every construction stage and during the bridge's service life.

Image 6. Moment Envelope from Moving Loads
ADAPT-ABI can determine the envelope of design moments and shears due code specified moving loads, such as AASHTO, or any user defined load train. The model above shows the moment envelope in a two span post-tensioned box girder bridge.