ADAPT-PT/RC 2016 Slab and Beam Software for Reinforced and Post-Tensioned Concrete
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ADAPT-PT/RCŪ 2016 Slab and Beam Software

Your Go-To Concrete Design Solution Keeps Getting Better

ADAPT-PT/RC 2016 is a highly efficient, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use 2D software for the analysis, design, and investigation of any concrete project. It supports concrete beams, pan joist, one-way and two-way slabs systems that are conventionally reinforced (RC) and/or post-tensioned (PT). This latest release streamlines the process of completing your projects even further by suggesting slab thickness for one-way and two-way RC and/or PT slabs and adding more to the Design Summary for quick reference and detailing.

Highlighted New Features & Improvements

The 2016 release includes a new sizing feature for slabs, helping save time and improve efficiency. Remove guesswork as you start the preliminary design process.

Engineers rely heavily on the Design Summary page, and as such we have expanded its output to include area of steel values at each side of joints, Precompression (P/A), and deflections.

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DXF output from ADAPT-PTRC
DXF output of ADAPT-PTRC design.

Added features include:
  • ACI 318-14 / IBC 2015 codes added
  • Slab thickness sizing, for program to recommend one-way and two-way slab thickness for both PT and RC options, including consideration of span length and interior/exterior spans
  • Design Summary improvements to include expanded rebar requirement data, Precompression (P/A), and graphical as well as tabular results for deflections
  • Model base shear reinforcement for one-way slabs and beams, with expanded output of adequacy of provided shear reinforcement
  • Model unique punching shear stud rail entry per column side
  • For British Standard, Hong Kong and Indian design codes, option to suppress allowable stress increase for post-tensioned designs, giving user option to enter user-defined stress without incremental allowable stress increase
  • Expanded service combinations for use in RC mode: now four editable service combinations are available and designs are calculated and reported for each, in addition to Strength combinations
  • Bug fixes and More!

Enhanced ADAPT-PTRC Design Summary including Deflections
Enhanced Summary Report with deflection values

Reduce Your Licensing Costs with ADAPT-PT/RC

Are you maintaining separate licensing fees for your post-tensioning and mild rebar designs? Imagine the benefit of only maintaining one software and learning one workflow for all PT & RC beam and slab designs. ADAPT-PT/RC is designed for engineers that need the flexibility of designing both types of projects efficiently, without the added hassle and cost of maintaining multiple software licenses. Seamlessly jump between PT and RC modes of the software or convert a model you are working on in the same program session.

Use the customizable rebar curtailment feature to set up reinforcement aligned with your company standards, and ready for construction documents. Graphical and Tabular schedules are readily shown.

If you don't have the requirement to design post-tensioned projects, ADAPT-PT/RC is also available for RC projects only. Price for perpetual individual soft licenses start at $650 - purchase online.

Product Availability

ADAPT-PT/RC 2016 is now available. ADAPT users with a current maintenance contract for ADAPT-RC and PT/RC as of September 9, 2016 will automatically receive this upgrade.

Clients with an active ADAPT-RC license agreement will be able to run the program in RC mode only.

To learn more, please contact a sales office or authorized representative.

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