ADAPT-Edge and Builder® 2012 / New Multi-Story Structural Concrete Analysis Software
ADAPT Structural Concrete Solutions

Introducing ADAPT-Edge™

New multi-story building analysis released with Builder® 2012

ADAPT-Edge, with new capability to model entire concrete buildings, continues our tradition of innovation and dedication to develop the industry’s leading 3D FEM software for the analysis and design of concrete structures. Seamlessly import or create full concrete building models and quickly analyze Gravity and Lateral load conditions. This solution will revolutionize the role of concrete building software in your production process.

We are pleased to introduce the most innovative PT & RC analysis and design tool in the industry, which combines single- and multi-level analysis and design in one solution. This will help to make you more productive, improve accuracy, and eliminate the need to maintain multiple models in disparate software and redundant data entry.

ADAPT-Builder 2012 MultiStory Integrated Structural Analysis

Edge: Unique Multi-Story Features

Builder 2012 will be the industry’s first program to provide a complete integrated modeling and analysis environment for both detailed slab and foundation design as well as full building gravity and lateral response.
  • Multi-story modeling of entire concrete structure
  • Easily combine lateral and gravity loads in floor and foundation designs
  • Analyze full building or individual levels one at a time
  • Reinforced and Post-Tensioned Concrete at any level
  • Model soil-supported structures
  • Slabs modeled as diaphragms with accurate bending and membrane response
  • Automated load take-down
  • BIM Interoperability with Revit Structure bi-directional link
Extends Industry-Leading Floor and Foundation Design Software

ADAPT-Edge enhances ADAPT’s traditional suite of Floor and Foundation design programs. All features of ADAPT-Edge, Floor Pro, MAT and SOG are fully embedded within Builder 2012 and can be used together.
  • One-click switch between single and multilevel view of models
  • Flexibility to design single level using multilevel solution
  • Ability to rapidly modify, re-analyze and re-design single level
  • Automatic inclusion of secondary post-tensioning effects in entire structure
  • Determine all column and wall forces automatically
Product Availability

ADAPT-Edge will be available as part of the Builder 2012 release, scheduled for first client shipment in August of 2012. This new product will be offered as a separate stand-alone software or as part of a bundled solution with our existing Floor Pro and MAT design software.

ADAPT-Builder users who have a current maintenance contract for Floor Pro or MAT at the time of the Builder 2012 release are eligible to receive a complimentary license of ADAPT-Edge. This new license will work in stand-alone mode or integrated with the other Builder programs. ADAPT clients on active maintenance contracts for ADAPT-PT, RC, SOG, or FELT will be offered a stand-alone version of ADAPT-Edge at a promotional price. After the release date, Edge will be sold, licensed and supported as all other existing ADAPT products. The new product will be Windows 7 and 64-Bit compatible. Please contact our support team if you are interested in participating in our beta testing program.

ADAPT-Builder 2012
Concrete building with bending moment diagram
Concrete building with bending moment diagram
Concrete building with axial force diagram
Revit Structure Compatible

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