New ADAPT-Builder 2015 with Tributary Loads and Column Design
A Better Workflow for Concrete Structures - ADAPT Structural Concrete Software

Builder 2015 enables a new workflow using Patent-pending tributary load takedown technology combined with ADAPT's trusted 3D Finite Element solution. Our integrated column design approach uniquely offers design of columns for Tributary, Finite Element, or enveloped loads. Coupled with the industry's only single-model approach to combined global and single-level analysis and design, Builder helps you save time and effort.

Preliminary Sizing, Stability Analysis, and Detailed Design
  • Quick and simple load takedown using tributaries
  • Size structural elements
    • Columns
    • Slabs
    • Transfer elements
    • Foundations
    • Post-tensioning
  • Wind and seismic forces
  • Fully integrated frame action
  • Incorporates effects of post-tensioning
  • Same model for gravity and lateral analysis, each with own stiffness profile
  • Post-tensioned floor systems
  • Mild reinforced floor systems
  • Beams
  • Foundations (mat or isolated)
  • Columns
  • Integrated Design with Preliminary Sizing, Stability Analysis, and Detailed Design ADAPT-Builder is specifically designed for the rapid modeling of concrete structures and gives the option of adding prestressing or post-tensioning to any slab or beam member at any level. Directly import concrete building models from Revit Structure or CAD, or use your Builder model to generate a new Revit Structure model. Compatible with Revit Structure 2015.

    Product availability and licensing: ADAPT-Builder clients with an active maintenance contract on March 16, 2015 are eligible to receive a free upgrade to 2015. First client shipments of new or upgrade licenses of ADAPT-Builder 2015 will start on March 23, 2015. A separate license is required to carry out detailed column design.

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