ADAPT-Builder 2019 Released with P-Delta, Ramps and new Slab Design Process
Visicon BIM model review and validation solution - ADAPT Structural Concrete Design

Builder 2019 Released with New Design Improvements

ADAPT is excited to announce ADAPT-Builder 2019. This release adds ramps, P-Delta analysis, optimized slab design workflow, and many other productivity improving features. Read full release notes.


      Stop struggling with ramps...
    • Model and analyze ramps
    • Include sloped beams
    • Ramps connect to columns at mid-depth
    • Get more accurate lateral analysis results
    • Develop correct reactions in short columns
Parking structure with ramps

P-Delta deflection analysis


      Use Builder for detailed 2nd order analysis
    • Flexibly obtain batch or single solutions for P-Delta
    • Graphical and XLS reporting of
      • Drift
      • Moment amplification between 1st and 2nd order results
      • Column forces
      • Frame forces
      • Slab forces
    • Integrated column design
    Optimized Design Workflow:

      Complete slab designs faster than ever
    • New flexible support line algorithm
    • Enhanced support line wizard
    • Automated wall boundary detection
    • Apply splitter anywhere to set tributary boundary
    • Option for beam flange width
    • Design section spacing options
Automated wall boundaries
Mechanical and Structrual System
    Visicon BIM:

      Smarter 3D model review and validation
    • Review, merge, measure and validate your BIM models
      • Builder
      • ETABS
      • Revit
      • IFC
    • Create 3D tendons for BIM coordination
    • Carry out variance checks between models
    • Learn more at

Product availability: ADAPT-Builder 2019 is available for commercial distribution. ADAPT clients on active support and maintenance contracts will be contacted with upgrade information.

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